16 January 2019

Buyer demand increases in the New Year

Posted by: IanWatson

When you sell your home, it is important that you think about the buyer. You should be aware of who the most likely buyer for your home is, what they want from a home and what they are likely to do. It is all too easy to focus on your needs and what you would like to happen when selling your home but when it comes to selling your home in a quick and convenient manner, you will find that focusing on the buyer makes sense.

Even though there is a lot of negativity surrounding the British property market these days, and the uncertainty of Brexit doesn’t help matters, there is no denying that this time of year brings about a change in intent. The New Year is a time for a fresh start, a clean slate and the chance to be positive about what is going to happen next.

Therefore, even though some sources have raised concerns about the number of willing buyers who will be looking for homes this year, the next few months are likely to be the time when buyers are looking for property.

Spring remains the busiest time in the property market

Spring has always been the busiest time of year in the housing market in the UK. A lot of people are keen to move beyond winter before they start making plans for the rest of the year. There are logistical reasons why many would-be buyers aren’t looking for property in winter.

Over the Christmas and New Year period, a lot of people are busy and when they have free time, they aren’t interested in traipsing around other people’s homes. At the start of the New Year, people push on with good intentions but the weather is miserable and not conducive to viewing a property.

There are logistical reasons why buyers don’t act straight away in New Year

As an example, the limited number of daylight hours in winter impacts on how well a buyer can view a home. The outside of the home is a crucial component of property, and if there isn’t enough daylight to view the outside of a home, a buyer may struggle to form an opinion. If the buyer works standard hours during the week and doesn’t have much time over the weekend, they aren’t going to devote much time to viewing homes, which means that by the time spring arrives and the weather improves, there will be many buyers desperate to engage with the market.

Our experience in markets like Mudeford and Highcliffe suggests that after the first few weeks of the New Year, buyers start engaging the market again, looking for property. If you are looking to sell your home this year, it is vital that you take steps to ensure your home is placed in front of the right people.

At Mitchells Estate Agents, we are local estate agents and we know what buyers are looking for, which is why we make it easier for vendors to sell. Whatever assistance you need in selling property this year, get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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