10 September 2019

Can Property Listings Land You In Trouble?

Posted by: IanWatson

When you list your property for sale, there is a lot you need to consider. You want the listing to be descriptive, making sure all the key components of your home are included. You also want to make sure the images reflect your home, while appealing to as many buyers as possible.

You probably don’t spend too much time wondering if your property listing is going to land you in trouble with the police. However, this was the outcome for one vendor in Anglesey. It is fair to say the Zoopla property listing didn’t go in the manner the homeowner was looking for!

Some things you don’t expect to see in a property listing

The problem was down to some of the contents of the house, although not too many people would recognise a case of illegal taxidermy if it was placed in front of them. However, one interested buyer did notice, and they contacted the police to report the issue. According to one newspaper, the offending items were a European red squirrel, a large blue butterfly, a porpoise skull and a Scottish wildcat.

It is fair to say these aren’t the standard household items you expect to see in a property listing image. You wonder if this was the buyer expressing her personal taste, or if there was an element of staging in the decision. These items would likely attract attention, and perhaps even drive interest to the listing. Unfortunately, it drove a lot more interest than anyone would have expected.

The property owner, Susan Tate, received a £56 fine for each illegal item. On top of this, she was also instructed to pay £650 in costs. Tate said she was “blissfully ignorant” of the fact she was committing a crime. To pour further salt into her wounds, she was also visited by a TV crew in addition to the police.

The BBC Crimewatch team was also on hand

When the police attended her property to review the items, the BBC Crimewatch team was also on hand. Most vendors don’t expect to receive a welcome from the police or TV crews when they list their home, but it must be said this is an extremely unusual case.

However, it is a reminder the impact photography listing can have. People pay attention to what is in the images, and they’ll respond to what they see. This wasn’t a good example of the power of photography with property listings, but it shows how you can reach people.

If you’re looking to sell your home, always be mindful of what you show to prospective buyers. You can use this power in a good way, creating a style or theme that connects with the most likely buyer. Make sure you use this opportunity in an effective way, and reach out to buyers.

If you’re looking to sell your home, we are here to assist you any way that we can. Get in touch with Mitchells Estate Agents, and we’ll do our best to support you.

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