17 November 2019

Does It Come With The House?

Posted by: IanWatson

The process of buying and selling a home is often about the art of negotiation. All parties want to get the best deal for themselves. As a vendor, you want a great price, but you also want to get the deal over the line, and you should think about what you can do or offer to help the buyer choose your property, and agree the price you are looking to sell the house at.

Before you think about what the buyer wants, make sure you know what you need to retain and take with you. If something is vital, you need to hold on to it. However, if you are flexible with what you need, you can perhaps afford to “lose it” in negotiations if it makes the buyer more likely to buy. If the buyer asks, “does it come with the house?”, you should consider whether you really need the item in your new home.

If it is a big or bulky item, would you be as well leaving the current option in your home, and buying a new appliance or feature for your new home? If this is going to be an aspect that persuades a buyer to purchase from you, it could be well worth giving it away when you negotiate.

Examples of items which you may be persuaded to give away when buying a new home include:

Sporting equipment in the garden

A bulky trampoline set or a set of goals in your garden are the sort of thing families love. These features may be amongst the things that help prospective buyers fall in love with your home, and it may be worthwhile allowing these features to be included in the sale.

These items can be replaced, and uprooting them may be an inconvenience, so it may suit you to allow the buyer to retain them as part of the negotiating process.

White goods

White goods are vital to the home, but the thought of taking your existing oven, fridge and other appliances to your new home may seem more trouble than what it is worth. It may be in your best interests to leave these items in place, saving the buyer some money and work. This may make your home more attractive than other homes, and it could be a factor in your home being bought sooner rather than later.

Storage options or a garden shed

Storage is vital, but not every storage solution is right for every home. The storage solutions you have in place at your current home may be ideal for your current needs, but if they aren’t right for your future needs, do you need to take them with you? It may be in your best interests to leave these storage options for the new homeowner to enjoy and make the most of.

Selling your home involves negotiations, and there may be things you can do, offer or leave behind that facilitates the move. If you’re looking for guidance in selling your home, contact Mitchells Estate Agents, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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