04 February 2019

Highcliffe Vendors – Information Buyers Need To Know

Posted by: IanWatson

While it is understandable that there is a lot of information buyers would like to know about a property, there is also information buyers need to know. With respect to Consumer Protection Regulations, CPR, there is a need for vendors to provide pertinent information about a property that may impact on the buying decision from the prospective buyer.

At Mitchells Estate Agents, we can help you in this regard, but there are some things you should bear in mind.

If there was a previous offer made on your home which had been accepted, but the deal then fell through, you should provide the reasons as to why the sale fell through. The reasons may not be bad in relation to the house and even if it is a matter relating to the house, it may not prevent a willing buyer from making an offer on a house.

Buyers have a right to know certain information

However, it is easy to see why a prospective buyer would be keen to know any reason that made a previous buyer pull out of a property deal. To this effect, if there have been any problems cited in a previous survey, such as subsidence, it is important to raise this with the prospective buyer before they make an offer on the offer.

The buyer also has the right to know about planning permission matters. If any applications have been declined in the past, whether there are any planning applications which have been approved or whether there are any pending matters, it is important that buyers are informed of these issues.

Neighbours impact on the desirability of a home

Another issue that impacts on the life of a property owner is the nature of local neighbours. If it is known that any neighbour has received an Anti-Social Behaviour Order, more commonly known as an ASBO, this is information that should be provided to the buyer. Similarly, if there have been any known burglaries which have occurred in the local area of late or even if there have been any suicides or murders in the property in recent times, the buyer is right to know.

This information may be personal and it could be grizzly, but it is the sort of information that would make a buyer question whether this purchase was right for them at this time. Even though this information may make it harder for a vendor to sell their home, in the long-term, it is always best honest and upfront about these matters.

If a buyer found out about this information at a later date but before the deal was concluded, they would have grounds to terminate the deal. This would also see the vendor lose out on money and could be penalised if it could be shown that the vendor was aware of these issues but didn’t share the information.

Selling property is difficult, so vendors should look to get as much help as they can. If you are looking to sell your home in Highcliffe, you will find that Mitchells Estate Agents is here to help. We aim to provide a dependable and reliable service, so make sure you call on local experts to ensure you sell your home in an effective and efficient manner.

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