09 January 2019

January is now the time to market your home before the rush!

Posted by: IanWatson

Even though the emergence of online property portals has changed a lot about the British housing market and the way homes are sold, this is still a market where tradition is important. There is year-round demand for property these days but it is fair to say that spring is still the busiest season when it comes to buying and selling houses.

At Mitchells Estate Agents, we have considerable experience in the property market and we know why many homeowners wait until spring before placing their home on the market. January can be a bit miserable and if your ultimate aim is to sell your home and move by summer, there is no immediate rush to act now.

Gain an advantage over other vendors

However, given the competition in the property market, we believe it is best to get in front of your rivals. If you are looking to place your home on to the market in the next few months, act now and start preparing for a sale. This will ensure that you steal a march on homeowners who wait until late February or early March before taking the property market seriously.

Some quick tips to start the process of preparing your home for a sale include:

  • Declutter your house and clean it to the highest standard
  • Consider storage options to make more space in and around your home
  • Spend time cleaning and clearing the outside of your garden
  • If you are planning to sell in winter or early spring, pay close attention to avoiding trailing mud and dirt in from outside the home

No matter what time of year you sell your home, the process is much the same. Selling in winter is slightly trickier because there are fewer daylight hours and the weather is miserable. However, there are buyers in the market and if you prepare your home, present in an effective manner and are flexible with respect to viewings, there is no reason to think that winter is a difficult time of year to sell your home.

Hire a good estate agent

A sensible tip in marketing your home is enlisting the services of a skilled and reputable estate agent. We believe it is important to use an estate agent who has local knowledge and expertise. This is because a local agent knows who the most likely local buyers are and they know what local buyers want to see in a home. Therefore, these are the professionals who will have the biggest impact on your aims to sell your home.

At Mitchells Estate Agents, we are pleased to say we know the local market in areas like New Milton, Mudeford and Highcliffe very well. If you own property in one of these areas and you are looking to sell your home soon, get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist you with the process.

Spring is the traditionally busy time of year in the British property market but if you would rather spring into action,get in touch with us and we will do whatever we can to assist you in selling your home.

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