25 June 2019

Size Matters When Selling A Home

Posted by: IanWatson

If you are selling a home, a lot of things are essential. There is no one single factor that matters so much that you can overlook many other things. Therefore, if you are selling your home, you need to be aware of what buyers deem to be necessary. Issues that crops up in importance include the size of the property, and accurate measurements.

The survey was carried out by YouGov and Spec, speaking to more than 2,000 people across the United Kingdom. 91% of respondents said that accurate measurement was “important” to them, with 70% of the respondents stating accurate measurements were “very important”. If you are listing your home, this is vital information to be aware of.

You want to appeal to buyers, and it makes sense to give buyers what they want. Accurate measurements and information contained in floorplans make a difference and will make a more favourable impression on prospective buyers.

Property size matters

When it comes to the most essential considerations in the value of a property, 83% of respondents said property size was critical. 68% of respondents reported any visible signs of damage through wear and tear was necessary, while 66% of respondents suggest the age of the property is the most critical factor.

The founder of Spec, James D Marshall, released a statement, saying; “What this research indicates is that property size is a much more significant factor for homebuyers than initially assumed. Even more surprising is the importance of accurate measurement - customers clearly don’t want to base their purchasing decisions on a rough estimate.”

There is a strong argument to say people want transparency these days. The volume of half-truths and fake news online has left many people wary of believing anything they see or read, so there is a growing market for people and firms who can back up what they offer.

Provide buyers with valid information

Offering an accurate floorplan allows prospective buyers to evaluate their home in line with their requirements. There is no point providing inaccurate information in the hope buyers will decide to purchase your homer regardless. If anything, this wastes time and will make people angry.

Agents and vendors should also consider the longer-term benefits of accuracy and verified information in what they offer. There are concerns that some clients may take legal recourse if they purchase a property based on incorrect figures. James D Marshall said; “It also gives agents the opportunity to insulate themselves from possible legal action, as agents falling foul of CPR legislation related to property measurement can face significant fines or up to two years in prison.

At Mitchells Estate Agents, we know the importance of providing the best standard of service. We want to help sell your home, and we will do everything we can to present your property in the best light. However, for peace of mind, depend on an estate agent that provides you with dependable service and support, and you can contact us online, by phone or come along and see us.

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