15 July 2011

Very happy clients!

Posted by: katalysis

"Anyone who sells a property faces the dilemma of which Estate Agent will initially value their property correctly, introduce properly vetted buyers and overcome difficulties during the stressful process of moving home. We found Mitchells fulfilled the criteria and despite many pitfalls along the way, successfully sold our bungalow in a difficult market and achieved the full asking price. Paul, Ben and Pam are extrmely nice, friendly, decent people to speak with whenever it is necessary to phone them, regardless of whether is it a problem or just a question. Pam was fantastic each and every time she appeared at our door with prospective buyers, showing a thoroughly professional approach which never failed to impress us. Overall is you are serious about selling, then you will not do better than appoint Mitchells as your Agent."
Mr & Mrs Hatchard - 43 Greenways, Highcliffe - AUGUST 2011

"Just a note to say thank you, Pam, for finding this lovely flat for me. So glad you got me to view, I nearly dismissed it without looking. Thanks also to the lovely team - what lovely staff at Mitchells".
Mrs Cooper - 40 Rowan Drive, Highcliffe - MAY 2011

"Thank you to all at Mitchells for your help and support in the purchase or our property, which we are thrilled to bits with".
Mr & Mrs Evangelidis - 18 Gordon Road, Highcliffe - APRIL 2011

"We when decided to to sell our bungalow in Greenways we asked three Highcliffe Estate Agents to tender for the work to sell our property. Mitchells valued our home at £450,000 with the other two valuing it at £435,000 and £395,000 respectively. We chose Mitchells who found us a buyer at the full asking price in just two weeks. Had we gone with either of the others it would have cost us dearly. Mitchells did a great job - they know the area inside out and represented our interests superbly".
Mr & Mrs Manning - 34 Greenways, Highcliffe - MARCH 2011

"Thanks for all your help in securing Silver Sands on our behalf".
Mr & Mrs Rayner - Silver Sands, Mudeford - FEBRUARY 2011

"In January 2010 we decided to move permanently to our villa in Lanzarote. Having broken the news to the children, our next step was to put the house on the market. We had already moved twice in Highcliffe helped by Mitchells, and once again approached to ask for their help and advice. We did, however, approach other agents, but in the end found the professionalism, enthusiasm and sympathetic attitude of the Mitchells team was the one we were most impressed with. Following discussions regarding price, as the property was rather unique, up went the for sale sign, in went the adverts and editorials at no expense spared and the viewings began. Each viewing was accompanied by an enthusiastic member of the team and each was followed by either a visit or phone call regarding the viewers’ comments. Negotiations with prospective buyers were carefully and tactfully done and eventually the house was sold to the third couple of viewers. Visits and surveys were satisfactorily completed until the day of exchange 4 months later when our buyer’s buyer pulled out. Everybody’s worst nightmare – not if you are dealing with Mitchells!!! Within 3 days we were back on the market and within 5 had sold again for a higher price including all the furniture and believe it or not, my car. We do not believe that this could have happened if the Mitchells team had not been so “on the ball” and recognised another potential buyer on their books. They said they would sell it, and they did. So close was the deadline that we actually completed as we landed in Lanzarote. Paul, Ben, Pam and Sarah must be praised for their dedication and professionalism. If they say they will sell your house, if they say they will return your call, if they say they will approach the buyer with a suggestion or possible solution, believe them – they are the absolute best. One final point, not once did they show any signs of anger, frustration or irritation, and I am sure there were times when a bit of hair tearing was in order!!! In conclusion, we believe that them being enthusiastic, dedicated, determined, resourceful, truthful, reliable, amiable and above all professional have been the attributes that allowed the Mitchells team to achieve a record selling price for a Rothesay Drive property. We thoroughly recommend their services.”
Mr & Mrs van den Ouden - 21 Rothesay Drive, Highcliffe - NOVEMBER 2010

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