25 July 2019

What Bills Do You Pay When Selling Your Home?

Posted by: IanWatson

While a lot is said and written about how expensive it is to buy a home, not as much is said about the bills you pay when selling your home. It is natural to assume that as you are selling your home, the money will flow towards you, but vendors find that they have to pay a lot of money, for a range of services, in the process of selling their home.

Budget for estate agent fees

If you are selling your home, you need to call on the services of an estate agent. This is an accepted cost of selling your home, and in the present day, there is a wide range of estate agents to choose from. Make sure you know the services you’ll receive in selling your home, and determine if it constitutes value for money.

A lot of vendors like the low fees charged by online agents, but many people have found these agents don’t offer value for money. A lot of estate agents don’t provide all the services a vendor needs or expects when selling their house, which means they need to spend more money, or they don’t receive a suitable service.

Either way, these agents don’t always provide a dependable standard of service, so make sure you choose an estate agent who provides you with what you need.

Conveyancing fees cost money when selling your home

The conveyancing process is a significant component of selling your home, and it can be expensive. It is not uncommon for this process to cost between £500 and £1,500. While many people will be happy to choose a conveyancer at the lower price range, you must check whether their service will provide you with what you require.

However, you shouldn’t assume that a dearer conveyancing service is better or suitable. You need to evaluate the options in your area and find the conveyancing solution that meets your needs in the most appropriate manner.

Do you have an EPC in place?

If you are selling your home, you need to have an EPC for your property. If you have an EPC in place, you don’t need to worry about it, but if not, this is another cost you need to consider. The EPC varies in price, and it can cost between £50 and £120.

Make sure you check out local options to find a price, and supplier, you feel happy using.

Have you considered the cost of moving?

If you plan on moving home by yourself, or you can rely on family members and friends to assist you, you don’t have too many costs to consider. However, if you have to hire a professional removals company, make sure you allocate funds to cover the cost of their services. A lot of people like the comfort that comes from knowing professionals are moving your belongings, and of course, these professionals often have insurance!

Moving home is stressful, and it is often expensive. If you’re looking for support when selling your home, contact Mitchells Estates, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


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