11 July 2019

What Home Improvements Add Most Value?

Posted by: IanWatson

Whether you plan on selling your home or not shortly, there is a lot to be said for carrying out home improvements. If you want to stay in the home for many years, think about the functionality of your house, and what you can do to improve it for your own needs. If you intend to sell your home soon, consider what likely buyers want from your home.

A good starting point is considering what home improvements add the most value. Even if you don’t intend to sell your home soon, it is comforting to know you add value to your home. Also, the steps that add value to a house tend to make homes bigger or better, so you’ll see other benefits.

Kitchen improvements

For a spell, homeowners looking to sell their property were told to overhaul their kitchen. New kitchens were commonplace in the marketplace, but nowadays, vendors are advised not to carry out work of this magnitude.

It is best to let the buyer of the home carry out significant work in improving their home if they so desire. At least this way, the work will be undertaken in line with their budget and finances.

While vendors shouldn’t overhaul their kitchen, it makes sense to make some changes around the kitchen. Adding contemporary appliances or creating space is always a smart idea and one that will attract attention from likely buyers. If you want to positively impact on how many people show an interest in your house, adding a few new touches to your kitchen is a smart idea.

Be energy efficient

Energy efficiency is hugely important these days. People want to lead an energy efficient lifestyle because it shows they care about the environment, but also because it saves money. If you are looking to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers, focus on improving the energy efficiency levels, and you’ll attract a lot of attention.

Improving the insulation at your home is an affordable way to be more energy efficient. Installing loft insulation or cavity wall insulation, or upgrading insulation that is already there helps to retain heat. This outcome makes your home more comfortable, and with improved insulation lowering the heating bills at the same time, you’ll find a greener home is a more attractive property.

No matter your budget, there is an energy efficient solution that is right for you. From new bulbs to double glazing, there is no shortage of ways you can transform your home, and energy efficiency offers short and long-term benefits.

Enhance the garden space

If you have room outside of your home, are you making the most of it? Creating a decking area where people can sit or installing a garden feature that draws attention will ensure the outside of your home is as appealing as the inside. Creating a space where people can sit and relax will transform the atmosphere of a home, and this is an improvement that makes home life more enjoyable.

If you’re looking to improve your home, there is no shortage of options to consider. If you’re looking to sell your home, it makes sense to call on the services of a local expert. At Mitchells Estates, we are here to help you sell your home, so please get in touch.

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