26 March 2019

Why You Must Let Your Agent Conduct House Viewings

Posted by: IanWatson

While there are many crucial stages of the selling process for a house, few are as vital as the viewing stage. If you have reached this point, your home is attractive to prospective buyers, but it is too early to take anything for granted. Many vendors have found they have reached this stage only for buyers to lose interest or to decide their money could be spent more wisely elsewhere. It is crucial you make the best impression on prospective buyers, and this is why you must let your agent conduct house viewings.

At Mitchells Estate Agents, we are pleased to offer house viewings as part of our sales service. We believe we can promote and present your home most effectively. If you need persuading as to why your agent should conduct your house viewing, we are pleased to offer a few reasons.

An agent helps a prospective buyer relax and be honest

It is crucial that the buyer feels relaxed when viewing a house, and this is sometimes difficult when the owner is present. When the house owner is present for a viewing, some buyers feel judged, or they are wary of voicing an opinion as they fear hurting the owner's feelings.

Most people don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings, and this means some prospective buyers will refrain from sharing their real thoughts about a house. If this occurs, it may lead you to form a false impression of the buyers' likely intentions, and it means you lose valuable feedback. Even if the vendor and agent believe they present the house well, buyers may have a different opinion, and getting feedback is crucial.

Losing out on one sale isn’t as bad if the viewer offers feedback which can be used to present the house in the future. Therefore, removing the vendor from the viewing process can help the viewer feel more relaxed and liable to share an opinion.

Your estate agent has experience in this area

At Mitchells Estate Agents, we sell homes for a living. We are pleased to say we have a skilled and experienced team, and we have conducted many house viewings. Even though you know the house very well, talking about it to a stranger with so much at stake can be a daunting task. Many people crumble under the pressure of presenting a home, which is why it makes sense to leave this task to the experts.

Our skilled, experienced and trained team are on hand to ensure all guests receive as much information as they need about the house, and we can gauge their initial reaction.

Estate agents can negotiate better with buyers

A strong reason to let your agent conduct viewings is that agents are often better negotiators. Again, this is an area of work we specialise in, and agents don’t have the emotional attachment to the house that the vendor does. Given the buyer will have professionals working on their behalf looking to get the best price for their needs, it makes sense that you call on a professional to assist you in obtaining your best price.

There is also the fact that Mitchells Estate Agents offer house viewings as part of our service, so you will get better value for money if you allow us to conduct viewings at your property. We aim to provide you with the best standard of service, and we are committed to selling your house.

If you would like Mitchells Estate Agents to help you sell your home, get in touch.

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